High-quality photography is crucial to a brand’s digital presence and overall marketing strategy. Your imagery tells a story about who you are and what products or services you offer. And while stock photography may work in certain circumstances, people tend to trust businesses that have their own photography featuring team members or products on their social media platforms and website. Depending on your marketing needs, you may want to consider investing in a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly photo shoot. And “investing” can be anything from hiring an agency, photographer or purchasing a camera and doing it yourself!


Want to take your imagery to the next level? Check out our three tips below to get the most out of your photo shoot.


1) Make A Plan


Create a shot list of every type of photo you need to capture so you have a plan for your shoot. Take into consideration your content calendar for the month ahead. What events, promotions or holidays are coming up? Are you releasing new products, services or menu items soon? If so, make sure these items are on your list!

2) Consider Props, Backdrops, Models & More


After reviewing your shot list, consider what external items you may need to create the images you desire. Depending on the time of year, you may want to bring props that correspond with upcoming holidays or seasons. Because we’re often on-the-go and not in a studio setting, we often bring colored and textured backdrops to create a portable “studio” environment!


Unless you’re doing strict product photography, bring people along for your shoot. Having a smiling face or a hand present often makes social media photography more relatable. Feel free to use your team members, friends or family members as your models — you don’t necessarily need to hire professionals!

3) Capture A Variety of Images


Try to capture photos with a wide variety of angles and orientations (ie. horizontal and vertical). Depending on where you plan to use these images – website, email, social posts, Instagram stories, etc. – you may need different dimensions. Take a mixture of close-ups and long shots. The more you can get out of a single photo shoot, the better!


See some of our past work for clients below:

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