Instagram Stories have become quite popular in the social media world since launching in 2016. Stories create more opportunities for your account to be seen by followers and provide a glimpse into the daily life of your brand. There are so many different tools to use within Instagram stories that it can often be overwhelming on where to start. But we are here to help! We have put together just a few of the many tips and tricks you can try out on your next Instagram story.


Instagram Story Tips & Tricks #1: Utilizing Fonts

One way to grab your audience’s attention is by choosing a font that stands out. Lucky for you, there are five different fonts to choose from when making an Instagram Story.

When using the Typewriter or Classic font you can choose left, right or center alignment by clicking the button with the four horizontal lines. When using the Classic font you can use the font size slider (use the ball to the left of the font) to make your font bigger or smaller!



But wait! What if you want to use your own branded fonts in an Instagram story? We have a solution for you! First download the app Over. Over is a great tool that provides a variety of Instagram templates, giving you the ability to make great Instagram Stories on the go!



Once you have downloaded ‘Over’, AirDrop your brand’s or client’s font (make sure it is saved as an .otf file) from your computer to your iPhone. When it appears, open it with ‘Over’. This message will pop up inside the ‘Over’ app once the font is uploaded.


Once the font has uploaded to ‘Over’ it will appear with all of your other fonts. (Be sure to scroll all the way to the left, that’s where the new fonts normally appear). Now you can stay on brand while creating a beautiful Instagram Story on your phone!

Instagram Story Tips & Tricks #2: Choosing Colors



Click the brush tool in the upper right hand corner to reveal all of the built-in Instagram colors. They will appear on the bottom of the screen.

If you hold down on any color, the whole color spectrum will pop up!

But what if you want to use an exact color that you see in your image?


Click the color dropper (bottom left corner next to white). Then tap a spot in the image and it will grab that exact color! This comes in handy when you want to make the text the same color as an object in your photo.


Instagram Tips & Tricks #3: Creating Colored Backgrounds

You can change the background color of your story with one simple trick!

.          .

Click on the brush tool, then select the color you want as your background using the color dropper or the built-in color options. Once you have chosen your color, hold down on the background and it will change the whole screen to your desired color! This is also helpful if you want to use one of your brand’s colors as a background for a story!

Instagram Tips & Tricks #4: Making Photo Collages

.    .   

One way to do this is by copying and pasting multiple photos to your story from your camera roll. First, upload a photo and select the colored background to start with a blank color screen. Then go into your camera roll, copy one photo at a time and paste it into the story! You can move the photos around to create a custom collage (without even using an outside collage app!)

You can also easily create a collage with Instagram’s new layout feature! Instagram has preset layouts you can choose from and upload your photos to.


Instagram Tips & Tricks #5: Interacting with your Audience 

Here are six interactive features you can add to your Instagram story!

  1. Questions
  2. Countdowns
  3. Quizzes
  4. Polls
  5. Sliding Scales
  6. Music

Let’s go through them and show you how you to best use them in your Instagram stories.

1. Questions


Once you have uploaded the photo you wish to use in your Instagram Story, click on the middle sticker located in the top right corner of your screen. (You will need to click this button to access all of the tips and tricks for this section). Once you select the sticker all of these options will pop up! Click on the ‘Question’ button to ask a question to your followers and watch the replies roll in.


The ‘Question’ tool is a great way to ask your audience a variety of questions and get feedback. Once followers have answered the question you will be able to view the responses in two places.

Tip: You can change the color of the question box by clicking on any of the colors at the bottom of your screen!

You can find the responses to your question in your notification center or by swiping up on your story! You will be able to see the answers and can repost them onto another story to keep the conversation going.

2. Countdowns

The next tool is the ‘Countdown’ button. This feature can be used for many different things such as getting your followers excited about a new menu, event or a secret surprise! 

Once you click on the countdown feature, you will be able to enter the month, day and year of whatever you are counting down to! Viewers will be able to see a live countdown on your Instagram Story. Also, Instagram will notify you when your countdown is about to end and you have the ability to repost it to remind your followers!

Tip: Click the color wheel at the top to change the color of the ‘Countdown’ button. 

3. Quizzes

The ‘Quiz’ feature is one of the newest to Instagram stories. It is a great way for your followers to get to know your business or brand! You can ask any question and provide multiple answer options.


When writing the questions and answers, make sure to select the right answer (it will be highlighted in green).

Tip: Click the color wheel at the top to change the color of your quiz!

When followers come across this feature they will be able to guess the correct answer to your question. Followers who click on the right answer will see their response turn green, if they click on the wrong answer it will appear red. 

4. Polls

The ‘Poll’ feature gives users two options to choose from, letting your followers ‘vote’ on the answer. You are able to ask a variety of different questions like ‘Which flavor is your favorite?’ with two flavors (Apple Pie or S’mores) and they can let you know which they prefer!

Tip: You can leave the question at the top empty and use the text to ask the question if you want to use a specific font rather than the one that comes with the poll question!

5. Sliding Scales

The ‘Sliding Scale’ is another Instagram Story feature that is used to show some love for Instagram Stories. Once you click on the feature, you will be able to ask your followers a question.


You can change the ‘Heart Eye’ emoji to any emoji! Just scroll at the bottom and you will see more emoji options. If you don’t see an emoji you want click on the ‘Plus Button’ and the entire library of emojis will pop up! 

Tip: Click the color wheel at the top to change the color of your ‘Sliding Scale!’

6. Music

The ‘Music’ feature has been around for a while but was recently updated to allow the lyrics to pop up on the screen! This feature is great to share new music or add some humor to your Instagram Story by having a relatable song to go along with your image! For example, Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love paired with a picture of donuts!


Once you click on the ‘Music’ feature, type in the name of the song you want to use. Then you will be able to select up to 15 seconds of the song you want to featured. To change where the song starts and stop you just scroll at the bottom where all the lines are. You can also change how long you want the song feature to be by pressing on the number 15.

The newest feature to ‘Music’ is having the lyrics pop up on the screen. You will be able to scroll through different fonts, choosing how you want the lyrics to appear. If you don’t want the lyrics at all, you can scroll to the end to choose between two different album covers instead.

 Tip: You can change the color of the text and album cover by clicking on the color wheel at the top!

If you made it this far down the blog post, we can guarantee you will be an expert in no time! 😝 Check back on our blog for more social media tips in the future!

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