Have you ever run into a creative block? If you have, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there are so many helpful ways to overcome a creative block such as writing ideas down, going for a walk, meditating, listening to music, drawing quick sketches and more. 

Another great way to spark creativity is finding inspiration. This is where Pinterest steps in! Pinterest is an amazing platform to browse when you are feeling uninspired. You can use the “search” tool to look up any keywords, whether you’re looking for inspiration for a wedding, outfit or a food photo shoot! The great thing about this platform is that you can save your “Pins” into boards, which can essentially be a mood board. It’s nice to be able to organize all your ideas and inspirations into different boards. You can also keep your boards private if you don’t want others to have access. Pinterest does a great job of showing you “Pins” they think you will like, which makes finding inspiration even easier.

Pinterest can be extremely helpful for social media planning and brand development. It is important to make sure your social media channels are aesthetically pleasing, and graphic content is on the rise. In order to achieve a strong brand identity, you want to make sure you stick to a color palette and use a specific font/typography. You can use Pinterest to look up design inspiration and color palettes ideas. There are helpful articles and templates for style guides, which can help you plan out your design and color ideas. 

So if you are ever feeling uninspired or out of ideas, Pinterest will definitely give you a boost of creativity! This platform is an essential tool to help you get through those days when you run into a creative block.