As social media evolves, so does the need to continually create new and innovative content. We believe that posting graphics is a great way to grab the attention of your audience and drive extra engagement through your social media posts.

At Atlys Media, our social media strategy for each of our clients includes a mixture of photography and graphics. We create graphics for Instagram and Facebook posts, Instagram stories and email marketing. Want to start incorporating graphics into your business’ social media plan? Here are some tips before you get started!

  1. Keep text short and easy to read! Less is more. 
  2. Clear hierarchy is key! The most important messaging needs to stand out. We recommend using a heavy font or bolder color.
  3. Use color to evoke a feeling! Did you know that reds and oranges evoke energy and stimulate the senses?
  4. Typography is everything and can really make or break your design. Find typefaces that compliment each other! When selecting fonts, try using both serif and sans serif fonts together. 
  5. Where will your graphics live? Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Make sure all graphics are sized according to specific platform and only place where you feel these graphics will be most powerful and engaging!

So when should you be using graphics in social media? Graphics are a great way to not only connect with your audience on a visual level but also communicate a brand’s voice and inform your audience about certain events, promotions, new product launches and more.

At Atlys Media, we use multiple resources to get inspiration and tools to create our graphics. Our favorites are:

  1. Adobe Indesign + Photoshop
  2. Canva
  3. Over
  4. Unfold 
  5. Unsplash (high resolution stock photography that is free!). We love to use the textures and wallpapers as backgrounds for our graphics!
  6. Pinterest (always good when seeking inspiration!)
  7. Utilizing the “save” feature on Instagram to bookmark graphics from brands and designers you love – we all can use a little inspiration, right?
  8. Keeping up with a mood board of our favorite fonts, color stories and photographs to keep us inspired.  

See a few examples of fun graphics that we have done at Atlys Media for a few of our clients!

Interested in learning more about our design capabilities? Send us a note – we’d love to tell you more!